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Photography for your business

Nowadays, good photography is vital for any business regardless of its size, line of work and purpose. 

I offer creative business / product photography for every need and every purpose: catalogs, web shops, social media and web galleries. 

Check out my services and  some of my work available below.

Food_photography (9).jpg
Business_photography (1).jpg


My experience in business and product photography includes cca. five years in the Danish market and freelancing on the side.

In this period I have shot everything from small products to interiors, cafes, restaurants and hotels. 


Hotels (7).jpg

Virtual tours

Get your own virtual tour for your business!

Product_photography (30).jpg

Remote product photography

You post it, I shoot it!


Product_photography (22).jpg


Business_photography (2).jpg

Do you have a special photo project in mind? Or do you want to see more samples of my work? 

Let's talk!


We appreciate you contacting us! We will get back in touch with you soon! Have a great day!

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